Konstruktørforeningen is...

Konstruktørforeningen (KF) is the Danish Association of Building Experts, Managers and Surveyors.

There are more than 8000 professionals graduated as Bachelors in Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

KF is owned and managed by members, and the aims and objectives of the organisation are to safeguard professional interests of members in all matters: Personal advice on employment, salary, professional development and political influence.

In order to strengthen the members’ job opportunities and to raise professionalism in construction, KF seeks influence on construction and education politics.

KF is member of AEEBC, the Association of European Building Surveyors and Construction Experts.

Members of KF are entitled to use the designation ‘m.a.k’. in their title.

International cooperation
KF has mutual agreements on cooperation and recognition with various international cooperations.
What is a bygningskonstruktør?
A Bygningskonstruktør is a building expert with a unique, Danish 3½ years full time degree. The formal academic title is Bachelor in Architectural Technology and Construction Management.
Join Konstruktørforeningen
As bygningskonstruktør or student you can join Konstruktørforeningen.

Telefon 3336 4150

Mandag–torsdag kl. 10.00–15.00