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Meetings for internationals in the building industry

The Union of Architects and Designers (FAOD) and Konstruktørforeningen (KF) invite all English-speaking members to meetings for internationals in the building industry.

At the meetings you will get new knowledge, learn about the Danish labor market, and your rights as an employee. You will meet others like you and make new contacts, who can help you in your carrieer.

Students as well as fully qualified architects and BA’s in Architectural Technology and Construction Management (bygningskonstruktører) are welcome. The meetings will be both online and in real life.

Past and future events:

  • Working in Denmark – Know your rights and opportunities 
  • How to make a carrier in Denmark
  • Negotiating your salary

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You will find all events in English in KF's calendar:

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If you want to know more and sign up for the maillist for future events, then contact Bo Sune Christensen.

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