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Join Konstruktørforeningen as a member

There are many kinds of service and benefits to obtain as a member of Konstruktørforeningen. You just have to complete a membership application form.

If you are an architectural technologist or a construction manager, you can join Konstruktørforeningen (KF) as a member and obtain:

  • Security: At KF you are certain to receive relevant and personal help and advice, if you encounter problems during your career.
  • Value: KF negotiates collective agreements and individual salaries, and provides you with low cost insurance on your house, or against unemployment (A-kasse) and other advantages.
  • Visibility: KF works to make the profession – and therefore you – more visible to the public and to the employers in the industry.
  • A strong professional community: KF is the voice of the profession.
  • Network: KF is your professional network with free professional events. 

All service and benefits are targeted both the professional and the student.

For information about free student membership or tax-deductible membership fee for professionals, mail to KF or read the page ‘Kontingent’ (Subscription), which is in Danish.

Get counselling as a member
As a member you can get counseling on a wide range of issues such as advice and information about employment, pay and working conditions, network and education.

Become a member

Apply for membership

If you want to apply for a membership, complete a membership application form (which is in Danish).