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Join Konstruktørforeningen as a member

There are many kinds of service and benefits to obtain as a member of Konstruktørforeningen. You just have to complete a membership application form.

If you are an architectural technologist and construction manager, you can join Konstruktørforeningen (KF) and our unemployment fund as a member and obtain:

  • Security: At KF you are certain to receive relevant and personal help and advice, if you encounter problems during your career.
  • Get counselling: As a member you can get counselling on a wide range of issues such as advice and information about employment, pay and working conditions, network and education.
  • Value: KF negotiates collective agreements and individual salaries, and provides you with low cost insurance on your house, or against unemployment ('A-kasse' in Danish) and other advantages.
  • Visibility: KF works to make the profession – and therefore you – more visible to the public and to the employers in the industry.
  • A strong professional community: KF is the voice of the profession and creates numerous of opportunities for the members to network.
  • Unique knowledge: We have unique knowledge of your job market and job opportunities and assists with your application and CV. 
  • Network: KF is your professional network with free professional events. Occasionally we arrange ‘Meetings for internationals in the building industry’ with different themes of interest for architectural technologists and construction managers with an international background. See information in the box below.

All service and benefits are targeted both professionals and students.

Also become a member of 'Konstruktørforeningen's unemployment insurance fund – a part of FTFa'

If you are a member of a different unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse), it is easy to switch to 'Konstruktøforeningen's unemployment insurance fund – a part of FTFa', when you sign up for a membership. We will transfer your rights and close down the membership in your current unemployment insurance fund, so that you don’t have to that.

If you are already a member of FTFa, you are automatically a member of Konstruktørforeningen's unemployment insurance fund. Your membership fee and seniority will remain as they are, so you don’t have to do anything.

Here is a few of the benefits that comes with the membership of KF's unemployment insurance fund 

  • Financial security: As a member, you will receive unemployment benefits if you lose your job, which gives you financial security. An unemployment period of just three months will give you the equivalent of ten years’ worth of membership fees.
  • Help finding a new job:  We are ready to help you move on to a new job and can provide you with new input that will help you to progress in your professional life.
  • Lifetime membership: 'Konstruktørforeningen's unemployment insurance fund – a part of FTFa' is an interdisciplinary unemployment insurance fund. As such, you can remain a member through your working life – also if you are promoted to management level, or change industry.
  • Entrepreneurs are welcome: As a self-employed, you also have the option of staying a member both in Konstruktørforeningen and in FTFa.
  • See 3 more benefits from the membership

    Are you unemployed?
    When you are unemployed, it is important to have a sparring partner who can offer good advice for you job search and keep you motivated. At 'Konstruktørforeningen's unemployment insurance fund' (a-kasse), you can attend a wide range of theme meetings and personal meetings. You can also get feedback on your CV and application within 24 hours of sending it to the employer. With Jobmakker, you can get AI assistance when writing your application, easy, effective and accessible

    Are you employed?
    'Konstruktørforeningen's unemployment insurance fund' has a team of career coaches ready to have a chat with you, if your work life is not shaping up the way you want it to. It could be that you are considering a change of industry or line of work, or that your motivation is fading. The team of career coaches also recruits jobs for a wide range of companies.

    Have you been laid off?
    When one is laid off, it can be difficult for many to make sense of their situation. Therefore, you can have a conversation with one of our career coaches and make a plan for how you will move on and forward. In this way, you use your notice period to look ahead into the future, so you might completely avoid having to depend on receiving unemployment benefits.

    See more information in English on Ftfa.dk. You are also welcome to contact us.

Become a member of KF

Apply for membership

If you want to apply for a membership of Konstruktørforeningen (KF), complete a membership application form (in Danish). Call us at tel. 33 36 41 50, if you need help to fill out the application form. 

Apply for membership
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A guide to trade unions in Denmark

In this leaflet you can read about why you should join a trade union, when working in Denmark. 

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Membership fees

The size of your membership fee depends on your current situation. Read all about the different types of membership fees, offered by Konstruktørforeningen and 'Konstruktørforeningens unemployment insurance fund – a part of FTFa'.

Read more about membership fees

Meetings for internationals in the building industry

KF occasionally arranges meetings in English, that addresses different themes of interest for architectural technologists and construction managers with an international background. The subjects of the meetings are typically:

  • Working in Denmark: Know your rights and opportunities
  • How to make a carrier in Denmark

It is free to attend the meetings as a member of KF, and you must register on beforehand.

Check for current events