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Learn Danish

Now you can learn professional ‘building industry’-Danish through your membership in Konstruktørforeningen.

Through your membership in Konstruktørforeningen (KF), you can now get a discount on your Danish teaching. The company 'Danish for You' offers one-to-one teaching in professional Danish for persons in the building industry who would like to:  

  • Become better at communicating in Danish with colleagues, customers, entrepreneurs etc.
  • Be able to be involved in Danish projects
  • Lift your Danish to a level where you can participate in 'educational funds courses' (efteruddannelseskurser) in Danish.

The course is individually based and will be customised. The course is 1:1 and 100 % online. You work with the videos and the tasks on the platform on your own between the 10, 20 or 30 online live lessons (45 minutes each, via e.g. Teams).

To get the most out of the course, we normally recommend that you spend minimum 1-2 hours per week on the platform.

An example of the content 

'Danish for You' have designed a specialised course on their digital learning platform based on video interviews (in Danish, of course) with people who tell about how they live.

They have also interviewed architects and different specialists within the building industry who tell about projects they have worked – or are working – on.

You will get the possibility to work with your vocabulary and how to present different kinds of topics and projects such as living/housing forms, landscape architecture, sustainability, lighting, choice of materials, project processes, decision-making processes etc.

Furthermore, it will be possible to work with specific projects relevant to you.

3 types of courses & 13 % discount for members of KF

Members of KF get a discount of 13 %. There are 3 types of courses:

Arkitekturdansk’/Building industry Danish – advanced:
) 10 one-to-one online live lessons + Access to the digital course for 3 months: 11.500 DKK. Members of KF: 10.000 DKK (ex. VAT).

2) 20 one-to-one online live lessons + Access to the digital course for 6 months: 21.965 DKK. Members of KF: 19.100 DKK (ex. VAT).

3) 30 one-to-one online lessons + Access to the digital course for 12 months: 32.430 DKK. Members of KF: 28.200 DKK (ex. VAT).

We teach at all other levels as well. Please contact us for further information.

The courses include:

  • Introduction to the platform and the course
  • 10, 20 or 30 one-to-one online live lessons (45 min. each)
  • Access to the digital course for 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Access to our online booking system where you can manage your bookings yourself.

'Danish for You' will not automatically be notified of your membership of KF. You must inform the company yourself to obtain the discount.

Get started

You can start courses whenever it suits you. Teaching hours are flexible from Monday to Saturday.

Sign up by writing an email to: info@danishforyou.dk or call Malene Neergaard at: +45 5150 4944

About 'Danish for You'

Behind 'Danish for You', you will find Malene Neergaard and Karen Bahamondes. Both are professional Danish teachers with more than 20 years of experience.

Read more about 'Danish for you'

Attend KF's courses

KF offers a large number of courses in Danish, most of which are free. Join them to practice your Danish and expand your network. KF also occasionally invites all English-speaking members to meetings for internationals in the building industry.

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