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What is a ’bygningskonstruktør’

A ‘bygningskonstruktør’ works in all areas of the building industry, and is able to bring value to a building – from programming and execution to maintenance and demolition.

A ‘Bygningskonstruktør’ is a building expert with a unique, Danish 3 1/2 years full time degree (210 ECTS). 

The education is practice oriented and based on problem-based-learning, which makes the bygningskonstruktør an expert in linking theory and practice.

For many years, ‘constructing architect’ has been used as the English title for ‘bygningskonstruktør’. That title is incorrect. The formal academic title is Bachelor in Architectural Technology and Construction Management, or Architectural technologist and construction manager.

Architectural technologist and construction managers/bygningskonstruktører work in all areas of the industry, in all types of companies, and are able to bring value to a building, during the first stages of programming, execution, maintenance and to the buildings final stage in life, demolition.


A architectural technologist and construction manager is able to take jobs in many different parts of the building industry. Often in leading positions in consulting, executing and controlling a building, construction or real estate businesses as well as in public administration.


A architectural technologist and construction manager is trained to carry out and manage the design of buildings from the early design stages to actual handing over of the construction project, in collaboration with other parties like architects, engineers and authorities.

Project management

A architectural technologist and construction manager is trained to manage and monitor a building or production process and is trained to anticipate and address practical problems. The bygningskonstruktør will often have a central role as project manager.


A architectural technologist and construction managerknows the tone and spirit of a construction site and can communicate with contractors and craftsmen in a competent, practical level, to convey the project's idea, so it will be understood and followed.

  • Which professional functions can a ‘bygningskonstruktør’ take care of?

    A bygningskonstruktør is an expert in linking theory and practice within many fields in the building industry. The professional functions are, among others:

    • Construction project design
    • Design management
    • BIM coordination
    • BIM management
    • Project scrutiny and risk assessment
    • Cost calculation
    • Tendering procedures
    • Quality control
    • Construction Management
    • Energy Management and Assessment
    • Project Management
    • Building inspection and Assessment
    • Facilities Management
    • Process Management
    • Health and Safety Coordination – design & execution
    • Project planning
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